[GET IT K•PHOTO]Intoducing Visual All-Kill ‘Ddanddara’ band (feat. Jisung)



The production presentation for SBS new Wed-Thur Drama ‘Ddanddara’ was given on the 19th, at Seoul Yangchun-gu Mokdong SBS Shinsaok. At this place, the casts including Jisung, Hyeri, Minhyuk Kang, Jungan Chae, Elzo, Gongmyeong, Taesun Lee and staffs participated.

The drama depicts the new band ‘Ddanddara’ who meets an audacious manager Seokho(Jisung) to plan out their flourishing life project. The first screening is on SBS April 20th Wednesday night 10pm.

                                                        Minhyuk Kang


                                                             Taesun Lee



Photos by Choi Soo-young.


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