G.Soul Makes Comeback on May 12


[by Woorim Ahn] G.Soul will make comeback on May 12.

On May 6 at midnight, JYP Entertainment (JYP) announced his comeback through a teaser image entitled ‘JYP Duet MATCH 2nd’ on its official SNS. G.Soul’s appearance hugging puppy Snowiee aroused the fans’ curiosity and dragged their attention.

Thus, G.Soul got to make comeback to the field 8 months after he released his second official album ‘Dirty’ in September 2015.

He earned an able musician title since his debut with his first album by participating in writing the songs. In particular, he focused on telling his stories sincerely based on his experiences and revealed his ability as a singer-songwriter.

JYP Entertainment said, “G.Soul will make comeback with some different genre that he didn’t show so far. Please look forward to his new song.”

Meanwhile, G.Soul will release a new song on May 12. (photo by JYP Entertainment)

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