FT Island’s New Single Is Already A Big Hit In Korea and China


[by Ent Team] FT Island’s new single, Love Sick ranked number one on both Korean and Chinese charts simultaneously.

On May 29, at noon (Chinese time), and according to music video ranking site Yinyuetai, FT Island’s latest music video for Love Sick (with Kim Nayoung) managed to reach the top of the charts.

At the same time, it was also topping local charts such as Olleh Music and soribada, or even Melon and Mnet, proving that a song which has been famous for ten years always bring people together.

FT Island’s special digital single Love Sick (with Kim Nayoung) was released prior to the release on June 7 of upcoming album OVER 10 YEARS which celebrate the 10th anniversary of the group.

The 2017 version of Love Sick is a tribute to the original version, a tribute to the group’s public. The harmony between two of the most precious voices of the country, Lee Hongki’s and Kim Nayoung’s is priceless.

On June 7, the boys will hit the stage for a special showcase. On June 4, the group will hold a special fan event with their fans, where they can all drink and reminisce the amazing career that FT Island is still continuing.

Meanwhile, FT Island’s tenth anniversary album OVER TEN YEARS will be out on June 7. (photo by FNC Entertainment)

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