Friends for 10 years, Lee Hong Gi & Seo Hyo Rim in Canada! [Battle Trip]


 The upcoming episode of \\\'Battle Trip\\\' features the part 3 of 100th episode special, where Seo Hyo Rim and Lee Hong Gi battle against Red Velvet\\\'s Wendy and Seulgi.

The upcoming episode of ‘Battle Trip’ features part 3 of the 100th episode special, in which Seo Hyo Rim and Lee Hong Gi, who have been friends for 10 years, battle against Red Velvet’Wendy and Seulgi. The first round was a “big city” battle, and Wendy and Seulgi‘s trip to Austria garnered 5 more votes than Hyo Rim and Hong Gi‘s trip to Canada.

This time, the second round will be a “small city” battle! Let’s see if the result will turn around!

Seo Hyo Rim is famous for being a lover of travel. MC Kim Sook says, “Hyo Rim is an expert in traveling. I’m sure she must have picked out a special small city in Canada.”

Hyo Rim replies, “I looked for a place that isn’t widely known in Korea yet and has little information available on the internet.”

They visit the heart-shaped island of the Kingston Thousand Islands, which boasts a romantic background story as well as Canada’s largest-scale market. Whereas they toured Canada’s Mother Nature in the previous part, they will be exploring the lovely charms of a small city.

Towards the end of their trip, Lee Hong Gi says, “I got to have all sorts of experience because I came here with you. Thanks to you, it’s been a nice trip.”

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