[Foreign Power Blogger’s Review] ‘3CE Fitting Cushion Foundation’, Perfect Coverage & Translucent Skin


[by Goo Hye Jin/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] A product that can cover skin dullness perfectly has been released.

3CE Fitting Cushion Foundation doesn’t only cover imperfections but also brightens up dull complexion to flaunt a natural clear skin, creating a different side of yourself.

Let’s take a look at the honest review of the product by a beauty power blogger, Bella, from the faraway country Indonesia.

The 3CE Fitting Cushion Foundation comes in a super chic matte black packaging. Each box comes with a refill which is great considering the price is not that affordable.

This cushion compact foundation keeps your face looking perfectly fresh just like the start of the day and prevent further darkening of the skin. The lightweight, low-viscosity formula helps the foundation adhere to the skin instantly while providing excellent coverage just like a liquid foundation.

I was afraid that shade 001 would be too bright for me at first but thankfully it was not that bad when applied. The consistency of this cushion foundation is not exactly lightweight as it claimed to be. It is slightly thicker in my opinion, which actually allows it to provide more coverage. Also, I was impressed by its anti-darkening function. No more dull skin with this as it really brightens your skin.

The cushion foundation comes with a pink Ruby Cell Puff, which helps give improved adhesion and coverage. I do think that it does the job well by not absorbing the products and helping with dewy moist finish to the skin.

As seen in the photo, it covers dullness and brightens my skin well. However, I don’t quite agree with it claiming to hydrate the skin. It does leave an amazing dewy finish to the skin but it doesn’t hydrate my dry skin well, so make sure to moisturize your skin well before using this foundation.

Another thing I really like about this product is how it doesn’t melt off and glide around even though it has a dewy finish. The consistency is almost powdery, which is great for girls who have an oily skin.

(photo by Bella’s Blog)

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