Final Poster of The Prison Is Unveiled


[by Ent Team] The poster for movie ‘The Prison’ was released.
A third poster for movie ‘The Prison’ was released on March 22 to celebrate the approaching release (on March 23).

‘The Prison’ is an action movie that takes place in jail and follow the story of Ikho (Han Seok-kyu), the King of inmates and Yoogeon (Kim Raewon) the dumbhead detective. Inmates are released to society and something bad happens.

This new poster, all while being really instinctive, help us understand the significance of each characters and to see them as individuals more than as a group.

The prison has become these guy’s universe and world and seeing them evolve in it casually has something very charismatic.

The two individual posters of Ikho and Yoogeon were simultaneously unveiled, too.

Meanwhile, ‘The Prison’ will hit theaters on March 23. (photo by SHOWBOX)