‘Fight’ Oops! Dongman♥Aera slept together! [Fight for My Way]


The flirting, the touch, the confession, the exchange of rings, and the first night together. Shouldn’t they be dating already?

After the match, Dongman takes Aera by the hand and leads her out of the stadium. Then he tells her, “I want to kiss you when you look at me.

When Dongman receives his fight money, he gets Aera a solid-gold ring.

A few days later, Dongman attends a festival in Daecheon. Aera goes for an interview at the broadcasting station. She runs into Hyeran and gets her feelings hurt. To cheer herself up, Aera heads to Daecheon to see Dongman. By chance, Aera gets to host the festival as a substitute, and it’s a huge success!

Aera is so happy about her achievement and has fun while drinking. Dongman looks at her fondly. Later, Dongman shows up at Aera‘s room unexpectedly saying that he saw a cockroach in his room. The two end up sleeping together in the same bed!

How will the story unfold from now on?

[Fight for My Way]

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