‘Fight’ Juman proposes to Seolhui “Let’s get married!” [Fight for My Way]


Juman finally proposes to Seolhui, who he has been dating for 6 years. Will they be able to go public with their relationship and tie the knot?

Juman and Seolhui have kept their relationship strictly secret for the past 6 years. Although their relationship isn’t as fresh and romantic as before, they have a natural chemistry going on. That is, until Yejin, the intern, makes a move on Juman aggressively.

Juman tells a lie for the first time in 6 years. Then he gets a surprise kiss from Yejin. When Seohui finds out, she blows up and demands to open up their relationship to everyone.

Juman feels sorry for Seolhui, who feels anxious all the time because of him. He proposes, “Let’s go public when I get promoted to section chief. Once I get promoted, let’s get married.

Will their wish come true? Will Yejin leave them alone? Can’t wait to find out!

[Fight for My Way]

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