‘Fight’ Dongman♥Aera announce they’re a couple to Hyeran! [Fight for My Way]


On episode 11, Dongman and Aera tell Hyeran that they’re going out.

Hyeron moves into Dongman‘s upstairs! Aera is surprised to see Hyeran giving out rice cakes to the neighbors! Aera asks her why she’s moving into Dongman‘s upstairs. Dongman is with Aera at the moment, and he declares that they are “officially going out.”

But Hyeran doesn’t back down. She says that she’ll take the place of his female friend now, since Aera isn’t his friend anymore. Aera angrily tells her she is still his friend and girlfriend at the same time. Hyeran replies that she will be nothing once they break up. She’s really got a nerve!

[Fight for My Way]

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