‘Father’ Yuju, “I bullied her because I hated her so much!” [My Father Is Strange]


From last week’s ‘My Father Is Strange’ episode, Yuju talked to Hyeyeong about why she bullied her younger sister back in their school days.

After finding out what happened in between them, Hyeyeong became very frustrated. She went to see Yuju.

She said with a threatening tone in her voice, “Normally, people don’t spit on a smiling face. Well, I do.”

As she kept asking her questions, Yuju ended up crying. She answered, “I hated her so much. I envied her because she had such a nice family, and I didn’t.”

Now that the reason for her bullying is unveiled, would Miyeong forgive her? What would you do if you were in her shoes?

[My Father Is Strange]

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