‘Father’ Junghui is furious at Hansu! Yeongsil begs on her knees. [My Father is Strange]


Junghui finds out Hansu‘s real identity, and Yeongsil falls in despair.

The results of the DNA test reveal that Hansu is not Junghui‘s real father. Junghui angrily says, “Who is this guy pretending to be my father, living in his name?”

Hansu asks Yeongsil to check the documents that Junghui has sent him. The document is the DNA test result. Yeongsil is shocked and tries to call Hansu, but he doesn’t answer his phone. Yeongsil goes to see Junghui herself.

She gets down on her knees and begs, “I’ve sinned greatly, I deserve to die.”

Junghui coldly responds, “Of course you deserve to die. Pretending to be my father with a straight face. Did the whole family plot this? Where’s my real father? Did you kill him?”

Yeongsil says, “Never. He died in an accident. I’m so sorry. Junyeong’s dad’s real name is Lee Yunseok. He was a hometown friend of Byeon Hansu.”

Yeongsil says she doesn’t want him to forgive them. She just wants him to keep all of this a secret for her family’s peace. Junghui has no plans to leave them alone.

What’s going to happen to the Byeon family?


[My Father is Strange]

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