Eye-catching Celebrity Makeup, Nana – Choa – Shin Min Ah


[by Jung Yoo Jin/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] In 2015, there were stars who actively participated in diverse activities and created hot issues in the beauty and fashion industry.

As every move celebrities make has been spotlighted recently, their fashion styles are also in the limelight. Artists are always being praised for dressing nicely and have gained the nickname ‘fashionista’. The items they used are always sold out. However, their face is the key to completing their styles. Glistening makeup makes their fashion stand out.

Nana, Choa and Shin Min Ah are the representative fashionistas. We will not only introduce their fashion styles, but also makeup tips of these perfect stars.

★    Nana’s Lip & Eye Point Makeup

Being selected as the most beautiful woman in the world for two consecutive years, Nana flaunts flawless styles with her pretty face and outstanding body. She puts emphasis on her eye and lip makeup to complete unique clear eyes and sexy lips in daily life. Let’s examine her makeup tips.

Without special color makeup, she gives a strong impression easily because of her long eye shape. She uses a low-profile nude eyeshadow to appropriately contour her eyes and applies an eyeliner to fill in her mucous membrane for more defined eyes. By strengthening her long lashes and applying a slightly matte red lipstick, she completes her makeup that grabs one’s attention effortlessly.

★    Choa’s Dolly Makeup

With a doll-like appearance, AOA member Choa is active both on stage and variety shows. She mixes brown and pink colors to pull off dolly makeup.

Apply a champagne creamy eyeshadow as base on your eyelids and top it with a pink or brown color that is a shade darker than your base on a smaller area for contouring. Then, use a dark brown eyeliner to fill in your upper lash line.

Repeat the step for under lash line with a brown eyeliner and link it with your upper eyeliner. Lastly, apply a delicate gold eyeshadow below your under lash line and get lavish lashes with a mascara. Complete your eye makeup with a pair of brown contact lenses to create pure and elegant doll-like makeup.

★    Shin Min Ah’s Lovely Coral Makeup

Although Shin Min Ah doesn’t have a lot of colors on her face, she showcases a bright complexion with natural coral makeup. Natural makeup can present a beautiful image unpretentiously. Efforts are particularly needed to obtain this effect.

The selection of base products is of prime importance. Get a translucent and glowing skin with a light foundation that has a high adhesion. Then apply a coral pink blush and lipstick to present a natural complexion.

★    Editor’s Recommendations

01.    CATALINA GEO Color Capsule Make up Base
This is a makeup base product that is composed of visible fine capsules. It can correct skin tone, block UV rays and improve natural skin color. It contains an essence to help present a dewy skin even for those who have sensitive skin. It is also oil-free to minimize skin irritation, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin to use without any concerns.

02.    BOBBI BROWN LongWear Gel Sparkle
This can help present a three-dimensional prism effect for defined eyes with diverse pearl powders. Its texture and formed film give excellent adhesion that prevents it from smudging and creasing for 12 hours. Rich pearl pigments are included in the unique semitransparent base to give you a vivid and clear color all day long.

03. DIOR Diorshow Fusion Mono Long-Wear Professional Mirror-Shine Eye Shadow
This product completes diverse and professional eye makeup with a single touch. Its mousse-gel texture can lightly adhere to your eyelid without smearing and gives a long-lasting and pigmented color.

04.    GIORGIO ARMANI Rouge Ecstacy
It contains excess moisture lip balm substances with a melting cream texture to provide comfort and saturated colors with a single touch. It is a lip product that gives vivid lip color without smudging and helps complete contouring effect at the same time. (photo by Lamy Cosmetics, Catalina Geo, Bobbi Brown, Dior, GIORGIO ARMANI, bntnews DB)

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