EXO Suho Cast in the Drama Called ‘How Are You Bread’


[By Bae Jung Yun] EXO Suho cast as a main role for the drama ‘How Are You Bread’.

The drama is about a genius patissier Han Do Woo, who makes bread that can make wishes come true every morning at the mysterious bakery and a variety show writer No Mi Rae, who sneak into the bakery to cast him.

It is an emotional and romantic melodrama that draws a cute noisy love story along with the warm touching story of Han Do Woo give hope to people who are exhausted.

The drama is directed by a director Kim Young Jun, who directed the drama ‘Atena’, ‘The 3rd Hospital’ and the movie ‘Bichunmoo’, ‘His Last Gift’. The script is written by Kang Soo Yeong, who wrote Chinese and Korean drama ‘Best Couple’ and ‘Under Black Moonlight’.

The Aura Media’s representative producer said, “It is impressive that Suho showed his passion, prepared and tried his best on the drama even with his busy schedule. He will show his new look by appearing in the melodrama as a main role.”

Meanwhile, ‘How Are You Bread’ airs both in Korea and China later this year. Also, the drama is under discussion of airing in about thirty countries such as US, Europe, Japan and South East Asia. The first filming will start in April. (photo by SM Entertainment)

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