EXID’s contract ends in May, the agency to discuss renewal with each member


On January 17, a media outlet reported that EXID’s contract is due to expire in February. In response, EXID‘s agency, Banana Culture Entertainment, issued an official statement correcting the report.

Below is the agency’s statement:

Hello, this is Banana Culture Entertainment.

We are delivering our official statement regarding the alleged report of EXID‘s contract termination in February.

Currently, EXID’s contract is due to terminate in May 2019, and they are scheduled to go on a tour in Japan in February. They are preparing to launch a full-length album once the Japan tour is over.

EXID will carry out their schedule until the termination of contract. We will actively discuss contract renewal with all of EXID‘s members individually either at the end of January or in February.

[Image source: Banana Culture Entertainment]