EXID Is Back With A New Concept


[by Ent Team] EXID underwent a total makeover for this comeback.
On April 3, the agency of the group, Banana Culture Entertainment, unveiled individual images of the EXID’s third mini-album ‘Eclipse’ on Naver Music.

On the picture, members Junghwa, Hani, Hyerin and LE are seen rocking colorful suits in a pastel environment. These pictures being the first released after the group teaser image, they help the public understand the respective charms and concept of each member.

Junghwa was even able to make a vivid green her own, and she looks at the camera with confidence. But her young spirit also adds to the photo for a versatile impact. Hani went for blue, a color that perfectly matches her strong, very personal charm.

Member Hyerin wears a color that reminds us of spring, a cute purple that goes well with her playful personality. With her braids and sunglasses, LE added a fun twist to a more serious red: the perfect girl crush.

EXID’s title song, ‘Night Rather Than Day’ is an up tempo r&b song that has powerful lyrics.

Each member’s unique voice melt to form a perfect harmony of their individualities. The lyrics, which tell about the difference between the busy day-time and the calmer night, resonated in every modern person’s mind.

Meanwhile, EXID will release its third mini-album ‘Eclipse’ on April 10. (photo by Banana Culture Entertainment)

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