Everything comes to light in the end [Moorim School: Saga of the Brave]


Every secret finally comes onto the floors.

On today’s episode of ‘Moorim School: Saga of the Brave’, Siu is revealed to be the son ofChaeyun. Not only that, but his necklace is one of the key pieces.

Hwang Musong looks for Chaeyun‘s son in order to find a piece. He finds out who Sundeok‘s father is and that Siu is Chaeyun‘s son. The reason why Siu and Sundeok both suffer from a trauma of fire is that they are siblings.

Sundeok, knowing this fact, feels guilty. Then, she leaves Siu and Seona a letter and disappears without a trace.

Having one more episode to go, whether Wang Hao will find Sundeok first or Chiang and Siu is highly anticipated.

[Moorim School: Saga of the Brave]

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