Everything about Lip Styling of South Korean Idols in Spring 2016


[by Hwang Seokwon] How can you most easily identify the lip styling trend of South Korea in 2016? It is to look at the idols.

Below is the analysis of the recent lip styling of idols gathered by the editor to relieve your burden to find the pictures one by one. Use it as a reference  to boast a more splendid and diverse charm this spring.

Coral Color, Popular As Always

When will women stop preferring the coral color? The popularity of the coral color is still great  in 2016 as you can see in the photograph above.

The characteristic of the coral color is to direct a lively and lovely charm. It matches well with the vitality and energy of spring, which is why it is picked as a hot styling trend.

Peach For Women In Spring

What is the color that best appeals a woman’s beauty among numerous colors in the world? Everyone will say ‘peach.’

Here, idols, as well as the general public, are using ‘peach’ for their lip styling as it  is spring, which is the season you want to dress up and go out.  If you are thinking about your lip styling for the weekend date or picnic, select peach without hesitation.

Other Unique Lip Styles For Spring

Other than coral and peach,  what are other elements that you may find from idols’s lip styling? Nude colors also eye catching.  It is an effective styling tip for expressing a natural and elegant beauty. It is recommended to those who want to show a more mature image.

Meanwhile, Victoria drew attention by gradating a vivid pink color. By doing so, she expressed the feminine beauty of pink  as well as bubbly charms that makes her stand out.

Beauty Items For Lip Styling Of Idols In 2016

01. CLINIQUE Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm
The stick type lip balm has  excellent moisturizing function and natural colors of a tint. Its botanical moisturizing complex keeps your lips moist and soft, with a high persistency without stickiness.

02. NARS Audacious Lipstick
The lipstick adheres to your lips in clear colors. Its characteristics are a smooth surface and a gentle gloss. You can select a product that suits your taste and individuality as it comes in diverse colors.

03. Laura Mercier Graphic Liquid Eye Liner
The liquid type eyeliner adds charms to the look by defining eyes with a gloss that remains for a long time.

04. Berrisom Oops! My Lip Tint Pack EDITOR’S PICK
The lip tint pack consists of nine colors including virgin red, pure pink, lovely peach, and candy orange. You can freely select a color that matches your skin tone. Apply it on your lips, dry it for five minutes, and detach. Its bright and clear color will last about 24 hours. It contains botanical moisturizing substances for nourishment..

(photo by Berrisom, Clinique, Nars, Laura Mercier, bntnews DB)

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