Everything About ‘Baby’ Sexy Queen Hyuna


[by Kim Min Soo] Singer HyunA who appealed with her dizzying charm from the early days of her debut and then reached the summit with her activities in co-ed group Troublemaker in 2011, becoming the Korean sexy icon. Recently she is catching attention with her album ‘Baby’.

Every time she appears, she shows a stylish fashion. From official events to music broadcast rehearsals, she shows various styles and boasts of a superior fashion sense. We examined her style that presented a sexy and trendy image.

#Press Conference

Singer HyunA who returned with her six mini album ‘Following’ caught eyes with her sexy styling on August 29th. Showing off her chest she exposed her midriff as well, finishing off a dizzying official event look with her peasant blouse and denim mini skirt.

In addition, the frills on the blouse give off a lovely feel. It’s a bit of an extreme style but she also present lovely charms.

[Editor Pick]
 Exposing a lot can be embarrassing. IN that case, styling with a cardigan is good. In the changing seasons it is an item you must bring around. The cardigan can especially control the dynamics of your styling as a whole.

#Brand Event

HyunA who flaunted a voluptuous body with her scarlet red lipstick. On August 31st, she attended global cosmetic brand ‘Dior’ new product launch event at Seoul Seongdong-gu S-Factory. She showed trendy styling with a black one piece matched with an outerwear of a uniquely patterned robe cardigan.

Different from her last style that exposed her chest and midriff this time she emphasized her body and showed off her sexy queen appearance.

[Editor Pick] The item that has all-round capability for young girls and womenis the long cardigan that like a lively young girl can make you into a chic and stylish woman. In addition, the long length and loose fit can heighten the feminine feel.

#Way to Music Bank

The girl who has various charms can pull off any style perfectly. On September 1st HyunA who appeared on the way to KBS2 ‘Music Bank’ caught attention as she gave off a cute yet lively mood. The boxy black t-shirt that looked as if she wasn’t wearing pants creates an optical illusion, as she presented a full-donald look. With the focal point of her colorful socks, she took command of a work look that only she can pull off.

[Editor Pick]
 Oversized clothes give a fashionable feeling no matter what type of woman you are. Because of this if there is a boxy silhouette, you can present a casual and vintage mood. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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