Early Vacationers Prepare List for Summer


[by Lim Mi Ae] We see more of early vacationers who enjoy their vacation early to avoid the large crowd of the travel season in June and July. For a more complete journey, it is imperative that you decide on the concept of your makeup before you leave.

When you take a vacation on the beach, you should consider that the area can be windy and make sure to create fresh and matte skin so your hair won’t stick to your face. If you are planning a healing trip in the city, you should use a beauty product that is light and long wearing enough so that it can stand against the hot weather.

Instead of boring nails, nail art is one of the simpler ways to change your moods, so it is good to get your nails done before going on a trip.

Is it possible to create non-greasy skin makeup?

There are non-greasy and matte foundations, but basically most foundation and BB products leave some greasy residue when it’s applied to the face. However, if you use a product that is labeled ‘oil-free’, the finish is too matte and you cannot see any shine or moistness at all.

The best item to eliminate the greasiness is powder. It clings between the pores to hold the oily ingredients and softens the skin. However, if you use a large amount of powder, it will emphasize the wrinkles and make it look cakey so control the amount you use.

One of the recommended methods is to use a thick and large brush. Apply a small amount of foundation on the brush and gently stroke so it barely touches your skin from the forehead to the chin. This will create a non-greasy and non-matte natural skin makeup.

How much do you care about your nails?

The fingernails soften in water, and the soft fingernails are more easily damaged and destroyed. Once a weakened or fibrous nail bed begins to breakdown, a vicious cycle begins and it is difficult to stop. The fingernail should only be treated when it is fully dried.

Cuticles should be soaked in warm water for less than 3 minutes before treatment. Never push or rip off the cuticles with your hands. Avoid using water with soap or detergent as it may dry the skin and damage the cuticle.

To make the nail art last for a long time, it is good practice to apply top coat every day. Before applying the polish, make sure you do not put oil or cream on your hands. Also, the layers including the base coat, color, and the top coat should not be too thick.

Beauty preparations for early vacationers!

Shu Uemura ‘Petal Skin Fluid Foundation’ has a fresh finish without any powder. Apply a small amount to the entire face and apply a small amount again to cover the blemishes completely. It stays on your skin for a long time and it is light weight so you don’t have to worry about double application.

Jung Saem Mool ‘Essential Powder Illuminator’ has a fine pearl effect that makes your skin gently shine. When used on natural makeup, you can see the effect of natural glow, and it is used on vibrant makeup, it makes your face more sophisticated and stylish.

Style Nanda 3CE ‘Nail Nipper’ is made with elaborately crafted blade that perfectly removes cuticle and calluses. The directions are simple. Use a nail pusher to push the cuticle, then cut off the loose skin with the nipper.

When removing nail polish, it is recommended to use items that do not irritate the nails. The ‘3CE Nail Remover’ contains a nail protectant that removes nail color completely without irritating the nails. It also has a treatment effect to prevent dryness and discoloration.
(photo by bntnews DB, Shu Uemura, Jung Saem Mool, Stylenanda 3CE)

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