Do you want to stand out today? Special Daily Look 3


[by Kim Minsoo] There is a day when every woman wants to stand out. Even if it is not a special day, there will be a day when you want to look especially beautiful. The easiest way to do this is to have a special look that suits you perfectly.

If so, which item should I give a point to look more special? Let find a way to create a stylish fashion look that can shine anywhere and fall trends through stars by mix and matching this season’s trendy items appropriately.

#Chic & sexy look

Singer and actress Lee Ju-yeon is receiving a lot of love from men due to defined face features. Recently at the VIP premiere event of ‘Man of Will’, she as attracted attention with her Black & White look. The tops were oversized, while the bottoms were short and tight, emphasizing a sexy and sassy feel.

Her attractive point is the rider jacket that completed the style. This is one of the ways to complete the special autumn look is by styling that doubles up to the chicness, while creating an alluring atmosphere with slim legs.

[Editor Pick] The rider jacket never goes out of style and keeps the sexiness so it is loved by the celebrities, fashionistas and ordinary people. And if you match a leather jacket with an one-piece dress, you can complete a trendy style.

#Feminine look

AOA member Yuna, who boasted a mature autumn style, appeared at an official even and caught the attention with a look full of femininity. A blouse with frills detail and an unbalanced wrap skirt make a feminine style. With a short hair full of volume, she was able to complete a calm and simple look.

[Editor Pick] Unbalanced items are the most popular designs for women because they can produce an elegant and feminine atmosphere. In particular, the ruffled frill material can coordinate the mysterious goddess styling, and it is also suitable as a date look with the effect of covering the imperfections of the body line.

# Romantic look

Girls’ Generation member Hyo-yeon, who showed up at an official even, revealed her lovely side with a pink color outer. She matched a see-through blouse with a black mini-skirt to complete a lovely yet sexy style. And the small pink bag around the waist added a point to show off a fashionable autumn style.

[Editor Pick] You should be careful not to go overboard because it can look tacky. While you emphasize the lovely and cuteness, you should keep thing natural. How about styling with a pink one-piece dress that is the representative of the romantic look. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda)