‘Descendants of the Sun’ Heroines Song Hye Kyo-Kim Ji Won’s Coral Makeup


[by Jung Yoo Jin /translated by Kim Young Shin] KBS drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ brought fever to millions of people in China.

Song Hye Kyo, an actress that guarantees dramas’ hit, and Kim Ji Won, a rising star, is also gaining more ground thanks to the drama. In ‘Descendants of the Sun’ they look bright and beautiful without the help of heavy makeup. Coral makeup is the secret to their loveliness.

Strong smokey eyes are very intriguing, but in blooming spring days, feathery makeup with apricot color can be more appealing. Here are some tips for coral makeup that goes well with lighter clothes of spring day. It can make you a pure spring goddess.

▶ Defined and Flawless Skin

To keep the makeup feather-light, base makeup can be used to contour the shape of the face. Mix same amounts of moisturizing cream and makeup base and apply a thin layer of it on face with a brush. Starting from the center, gently blend the mixture around the face.

Use a foundation slightly darker than your skin tone to naturally define the outer area of your face, eyelid and the side of your nose. Subtle dabbing motions with latex sponge help the color to blend in. Gently press your face with a tissue paper to remove any excessive oil. Lightly swab your brow lines and nose with powder for a finish.

▶ Innocent Eyes

For a pure image, eye makeup should be kept simple. Use only a small amount to define eyes.

Choose a base color with micro-sized particles and glimmers. Use light brown eyeshadow to create natural and deep gradation on the eyelid.

Tightline your eyes without making wings. Then, highlight your lower lid with pink or white tear drop liners for wet doe-eyed look. For defined eyes, curl up your eyelashes with mascara.

▶Apricot-Colored Cheeks

Blushers play an important role in creating adorable looks. Even with lovely colors like pink or coral, the way you apply blusher can change the image. If applied diagonally, it may create an angry face.

Using a cream-type blusher, lightly tap on the cheek bone on the parts that stick out when you smile. This completes a girlish and pure make up with peach-tinted cheeks.

▶ Recommended Items for Lovely Coral Makeup

01. CATALINA GEO Color Capsule Make up Base

This makeup base contains tiny capsule particles that correct skin tone and protect skin from the UV rays. The essence contained in the product moisturizes skin. Because the product is oil-free, those with sensitive skin may try it without concerns.

02. BOBBI BROWN Brightening Brick Pastel Coral

03. ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Foundation

04. Christian Dior Dior Skin Forever Compact

(photo by Lamy Cosmetics, CATALINA GEO, BOBBI BROWN, ESTEE LAUDER, Dior, bntnews DB)

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