DAY6 Kicks Off Monthly Project


[By Ent Team] DAY6’s January teaser is a hot issue.

Talented JYP Band DAY6 is kicking off its EVERY DAY6 Project, which consists in releasing a new single every month.

DAY6 released the teaser fo EVERY DAY6 January on social medias on January 2.

In the teaser, the number 6 and the band’s members’ names are highlighted, as well as the title of the project, ‘EVERY DAY6’. Two other phrases also appear in the teaser: “I Wait”, in English, and “Ah why”, written in Korean.

The band had previously, on December 29, released the schedule of the upcoming year.

This is how they revealed that, starting with January, they will release a new single every month until next December. Their first song of 2017 will be out on January 6, ten months after their last release in March.

With this project, the band also unveiled the schedule of its concert tour which will happen from February to December. (photos are captures of EVERY DAY6 January’s teaser)