Contouring Makeup Tips for Those Who Want Wonderful Selfies like Jessica-Victoria-Seolhyun


[by Song Eun Ji /translated by Kim Young Shin] Celebrities look stunning in their selfies regardless of the angle. If you want to look like them in your photos, change how you wear makeup.

Using light and shadow you can take much better selfies. Contouring can make your photo prettier than your actual self.

Here are some contouring makeup skills that can improve your photos to the point of magic.

Contouring Makeup Using ‘Light’

Light can make your face look smaller and defined. The first step of contouring makeup using light is to wear glossy base makeup. It is crucial to make it natural by moisturizing your face sufficiently.

To establish moisture barrier on the skin, thorough skin care must precede makeup. Apply a thin layer of light-textured and moisturizing cream such as Sheep Oil Cream which is rich in minerals. Then, use liquid foundation for a sheer coverage.

If you want more dramatic effect from the light, put on some highlighter. Apply shimmery highlighter to your T-zone, C-zone and the tip of your chin to make them pop out.

01 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM This rich moisturizing cream is fast-absorbing and light-textured. It is made from natural lanolin extracted from lamb’s wool and eight kinds of berries which form a barrier on the skin to lock in moisture. It keeps your skin looking glossy.

02 Dior DIORSKIN STAR This feather-light fluid foundation brightens and corrects skin tone like dior studio’s strobe lights. It also gives a natural glow on the face.

03 laura mercier Satin Highlighter This highlighter has luxurious and pearlescent finish that puts on natural but mysterious luster on the skin. The satin texture leaves the face shiny for a long time without darkening or drying.

Contouring Makeup Using ‘Shadow’

Placing shadow on some parts of the face allow you to hide the spots you do not wish to show as well as shrinking the facial outline. For a perfect contouring makeup, you need bronzer.

If you are going to make shadow on your face with contouring makeup, it is better to keep your skin matte. Use powder pacts or finish with loose power after putting on foundation for a smooth finish.

Define the outer area of your face such as jaw line or hair line with bronzer and blend them in naturally. Putting some on the nose and under the lips makes your facial features stand out.

01 CHANEL MAT LUMIERE PERFECTION LONG-WEAR FLAWLESS COMPANT POWDER MAKEUP This compact powder-type foundation covers blemishes and matifies greasiness. It keeps a healthy complexion throughout the day without darkening.

02 LANEIGE Satin Finish Loose Powder_EX This loose powder absorbs sebum to retain fresh look. It is made from natural ingredient extracted from corn. It leaves the facial skin silky without irritation.

03 BOBBI BROWN BRONZING POWDER This contouring item provides natural shade of tanned skin. The bronzing powder blends in naturally for an organic look.

(photo by KICHO, Dior, laura mercier, CHANEL, LANEIGE, BOBBI BROWN, Jessica, Victoria, Hani, Seolhyun, Suzy, Sulli, Taeyeon and Yoona’s Instagram, bntnews DB)