Chung-ha Showcase M / UP, This is “Cutesy Sexy”


[by Lim Mi Ae] Former member of I.O.I, Chung-ha, has made a debut as a solo singer and opened a spectacular showcase.

As a member of the project group who was loved by the nation, her solo journey caught the attention of the public and Chung-ha reserved the success of her career, boasting a sexy charisma that she was not able to show in the days of I.O.I. She created a bold stage with an outfit that showed off her slim waist line.

The makeup of Chung-ha is also a hot topic. She based her overall makeup tone with bright colors and added various points to increase the sexiness. Let’s see to create the cutesy yet sexy look.

Cat eyes can be lovely too

Chung-ha’s glaring cat eyes stood out from the days of Mnet ‘Produce 101’

Cat eyes give a chic and sexy impression. If you want to create a lovely image instead of a chic vibe, you can use light color eye shadow and draw in the eyeliner very thin. Since the outer corners of the eyes are slanted upwards, using dark color shadows will create stronger impression compared to other eye shapes.

Do not overdo the eyeliner, but draw them in with a feeling of neatly connecting the lines of your eyes. Using brown eyeliner is more effective to make a natural impression than black.

Chung-ha’s sexy eyes

Contouring is very important in creating sexy eyes. The first step is to mix a matte finish foundation and BB Cream, and apply it to the skin. Then apply beige brown shadow all over the eyelid. Next, apply a dark brown shadow on the crease and use your fingers to blend it out naturally.

When you use a shade that has a red hue like Chung-ha, you should pay more attention to the expression of the gradient so your eyes won’t look puffy. At this time, if you put burgundy brown under your eyes, you will be able to create more alluring eyes. Pull out the tails of the line as much as possible.

Create fuller eyelashes with several coats of mascara and create dimension with lipstick and blusher to finalize your sexy makeup.

Master idol makeup!

A common issue that needs to be solved in advance of sexy or refreshing makeup is covering up blemishes. Stylenanda 3CE ‘Studio Face Tuning Concealer Palette’ is made up of 6 colors and can be used according to the needs of the problem area such as redness, wrinkles and moles.

Lancome ‘Gran D’oz liner’ is an artist’s liner stick with a 35 degree angle that makes it easy to create a sophisticated and complete line. When filling the waterline, bend at a 35 degrees angle and straighten up when you’re pulling out the line tail.

Laneige ‘Two-tone Shadow Bar’ is a two-color stick-type eye shadow that can complete a professional gradient at once. The diagonal cup creates a natural look like it was done by a pro makeup artist and it glides on smoothly without powder fall outs.

Etude House ‘Look at My Eyes Cafe’ is a contouring shadow that expresses your eyes in an intense way. The fine diffuse reflection powder increases the refractive index of light, so the color is outstanding at any angle and the micro pigment powder content is high so the colors are bold. (photo by bntnews DB, MNH Entertainment, Stylenanda 3CE, Lancome, Laneige, Etude House)