‘Center Members’ of Girl Group Hyuna-Hyeri-Son Na Eun, the Secret of Their Glowing Skin


[by Hwang Ji Hye/ translated by Kim Young Shin] Recently, the popularity of ‘center members’ of girl groups is reignited. If you are interested in the active performance of the center members, who are shining just like the pearl inside a shell, focus on this article.

What support the girls like 4Minute Hyuna, Girl’s Day Hyeri and Apink Son Na Eun for their activities in various fields, are their illuminating skin. Here are some skin care tips for expressing glimmering skin that makes you look like you are spotlighted.


The vanguard of Hallyu, 4Minute member Hyuna, is crowned as the center member with her voluptuous dance moves and glamorous appearance. Moreover, she is regarded as a trendsetter for her fashionable stylings.

To give bold impressions on stage, she usually wears flashy makeup. However, she has a very bright and tight skin. To keep the skin’s elasticity even after makeup, meticulous cleansing care is required. When the impurities are removed from the pores before applying skin care products, nourishments are better penetrated under the skin, bringing improved firming effect.

Girl’s Day-Hyeri

Girl’s Day Hyeri received much love from the viewers for playing Deok Sun in tvN drama ‘Reply 1988’. The center member earned the title of actress as she caught the heart of her fans with her adorable and lively image.

Characterized by her small face and defined facial features, she boasts a bright and clear skin which suits her baby face. To get a flawless skin like hers, moisturizing care is necessary. Moist and bright looks can be made by hydrating the skin.

Apink-Son Na Eun

Thanks to her beautiful appearance, Son Na Eun is called the center member of Apink. Her popularity can be attributed to her lovely face and pure image.

Recently, she took a pictorial in Hawaii and announced that she will appear in drama ‘Cinderella and Four Knights’.

The most noticeable charm of Son is her innocent and fair baby face. If you desire a bright and clear face like hers, start whitening care. You can make a step closer to radiant and flawless skin by regularly applying sunscreen to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and using whitening products.

EDITOR’S CHOICE of Beauty Items to Make ‘Glowing Skin’



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