“Can you handle it?” The first-ever insurance crime investigative drama ‘Mad Dog’


Teasers for new KBS drama ‘Mad Dog’ were released!

‘Mad Dog’ portrays the reality of Korea through diverse insurance crimes that are prevalent in the country. There are the ‘copy cats’ that imitate and improve the existing crimes, and the ‘mad dogs’ who catch these bad cats. The dark heroes form the private investigative team ‘Mad Dog.’

Actor Yoo Ji Tae plays the veteran insurance crime investigator Choi Gangwoo who never lets go once he bites something. He is the one who created the investigative team ‘Mad Dog‘ in order to track down the malicious insurance con artists. Woo Do Hwan plays Kim Minjun, the con artist from the street. He can fake any facial expression and become anyone he’d like. He hides his purpose and joins the ‘Mad Dog’ team.

‘Mad Dog’ will air on KBS World following the end of ‘Manhole.’