Bongsam says he has someone else in his heart [The Merchant : Gaekju 2015]


Bongsam sees Jo Seongjun die after being shot by constables and tries to get his revenge on Kim Hakjun’s mistress, not knowing she is Cheon Sorye.

Gil Sogae helps Bongsam to kidnap Cheon Sorye and Bongsam sentences her to death for killing Kim Hakjun, Jo Seongjun and Wangbal. Then, Gaeddong and Bongsam are reunited at Songpa.

Bongsam goes all over the country to borrow money to save Songpa Mabang, but no one would lend him money knowing that Kim Bohyeon is the new owner.

Manager Maeng comes to Songpa Mabang and seizes the property. Bongsam, stupefied, goes to Shin Seokju to beg for money, but is turned down. Gaeddong asks Bongsam to marry her, but Bongsam turns her down, saying that he has someone else in his heart.

[The Merchant : Gaekju 2015]

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