Bobby Reveals Teaser for Title Song ‘I Love You’…One Day Till Solo Debut!


[by Ent Team] Bobby is returning as a solo artist.

On September 13th, YG Entertainment revealed, “To start off the countdown to iKON Bobby’s solo debut, we are unveiling the main title song ‘I Love You’.”

YG Entertainment released the music video teaser of ‘I Love You’ on the morning of the 13th through the official blog. The refreshing music matches with the image of Bobby enjoying himself in the beachside in the video.

Bobby explained “Different from the song title, the song tells the sad love story of a man and woman who have drifted apart after a long time of being together.” The reversal title song is the focus of the public’s curiosity.

Especially the lyrics ‘I love you I still love you’ that you only need to hear once before you want to follow it as a melody is one fitting to public tastes.

‘I Love You’ is written by Bobby and is his first attempt at a cheerful and quick rhythm that has become a topic of discussion. Bobby has returned with a completely different image from his previous strong image of hip-hop swag. There is high interest in how Bobby has changed musically in this album.

Meanwhile, Bobby’s first solo full length album ‘Love And Fall’ and the double title songs ‘I Love You’ and ‘Runaway’ along with the music videos will be released on the 14th at 6pm. At 5pm he will have a behind the scenes album talk with his fans through V Live. (photo by YG Entertainment)