Block B Drops Special Single ‘Yesterday’


[by Woorim Ahn] Block B’s special single ‘Yesterday’ was released.

In April 2016, the group broadened up their musical spectrum with ‘Blooming Period’ and their driving force comes from each member’s identity. Particularly, all the members showed off their abilities for last 10 months.

Although it was a long hiatus, Block B gathered with more strength. ‘Yesterday’ is a funk-styled song based on shuffle rhythm and it expressed a man’s nervousness for his girlfriend. It became more special love song as the members joined to complete the song.

Music video was produced by Lee Gi Baek that worked with them for a long time. The storytelling like a sitcom became a short sitcom over a simple music video. The vivid color and the members acting couldn’t take eyes off of it.

Meanwhile, the first live stage of ‘Yesterday’ will be disclosed at the fan meeting that will be held on February 11. (photo by Seven Seasons)