Bling Bling, Glowing Skin through Ultra Moisturizing Care


[by Jung Yoo Jin/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Actresses always appear on TV. Their similarity is that they all have baby-like skin making it difficult to believe their age.

What should you do to take care of your skin and make it like that of celebrities on TV? To get a baby face, elastic, moisturizing and whitening care should be done together. Amongst them, moisturizing care is of prime importance. If you are curious about how to do ultra moisturizing care to get glowing skin, focus on this article.

1.    Increase Body Water Content

Drink mineral water every morning after you wake up. It instantly replenishes moisture that is lost overnight and increase metabolism to help you start a day in a refreshing way.

Mineral water can supply a large amount of nutrients, such as magnesium and potassium, calcium, phosphorus, silicon and inorganic nutrients to the skin which moisturize the skin and improve elasticity. Therefore, it is recommended to cultivate the habit of drinking water.

2.    Inner Beauty from a Healthy Body

The popularity of pursuing inner beauty through supplements started few years ago, which is not pointless as a sufficient amount of high-quality proteins, vitamins that are rich in antioxidants and minerals that  cannot be obtained simply by food intake can be provided. Nutrients such as vitamins which are essential for metabolism cannot be produced by our own body and so, extra supply is needed.

If there is a lack of hyaluronic acid and collagen, skin becomes dry and chapped, and wrinkles also appear. Hence, you need to make sure you have enough supply of them. Taking supplements can prevent skin dryness, strengthen immunity, increase body water and prevent aging for clear and dewy skin.

3.    Specialized Ultra Moisturizing Care

Skin might become shiny during the change of seasons as it lacks moisture. It is important to supply moisture to the skin and balance out the oil and water content. If it is difficult to get a hydrated skin by just doing skincare at home, visiting specialists is a great choice.

The person concerned of The Red Club, a premium total beauty shop, revealed, “Skin loses moisture easily in winter, which leads to a dry and dull skin”, added, “If you want a healthy skin with a balanced water-oil content, moisturizing treatment is the answer”.

Moisturizing treatment of The Red Club is a professional care for supplying moisture to the skin to keep your skin healthy. The specialists will massage your body from face to decollette manually with ampoules that fit your skin type.

For extremely dry skin, it is recommended to have hydrating treatment to supply intensive moisture to the skin. Deep cleansing, two facial masks, manual techniques, ampoule care and water gel are included in the treatment to provide skin with oxygen and moisture for intensive hydrating care. (photo by The Red Club, bntnews DB)