Black & White & Red, What Is The Best Lipstick Color That Suits Knitwear The Most?


[by Jung Ah Yeong] Knitwear is a very loved item in fall and winter thanks to its diverse  colors and materials, as well as its warmth function.

A knitwear can portray a cozy and feminine mood as well as a chic one. But in order to create a more stylish appearance, a good makeup must be accompanied with your look.
Becoming stylish and gorgeous is easier when you select the right lip color.

Starting from basic colors to unique ones, here are some suggestions of lip makeup that will perfectly match with your look.


If you wish to wear thick winter clothes with a slim fit, black knitwear is recommended. Black can portray a chic and modern appearance and remains a steady seller for fashion people.

After covering all the blemishes and expressing a clear skin, apply a strong red lipstick that perfectly suits your black knitwear. This sexy and appealing look will attract the attention of many men. Black knitwear is the perfect item that goes well with a contouring makeup and a peach colored makeup.

01 BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet A product that is matte when applied but leaves a silky finish. 02 VELYVELY No.02 Audrey Peach With an attractive subtle peach color, this product easily matches with other colors. It’s the perfect one with a contouring makeup.


When people wish to flaunt a feminine and pure look, they often choose to wear a white knitwear. White emphasizes the luminosity of your face and gives a clean appearance.

A soft pink lip or a slightly orange colored red lip are recommended to wear with this top. Their bright colors revitalize your face and add a feminine charm through its lovely pink shade.

01 YSL Beauty BABY DOLL KISS&BLUSH You can use it for both lips and cheeks. 02  VELYVELY No. 23 Red Steel It provides a strong color even with a single touch.


A red knitwear is an item that will accentuate your presence among the monotone colored fashion that is common in winter.

Saturate red knitwear perfectly matches with pink lipsticks by making you look younger. Apply a peach lipstick when you have a burgundy knitwear. It is also a good idea to emphasize your eye makeup in order to balance out the look.

 01 Dior Addict Lipstick 476 This lipstick that contains some essence ingredients will help you have  moisturized pink lips. 02 YSL Beauty VERNIS REBEL NUDES 107 Its gorgeous color suits with an subtle eye makeup for a calm and clean look. (photo by: VELY VELY, Yves Saint Laurent, DIOR, BOURJOIS, bntnews DB)