Black Pink Jisoo and Rosé Show Ventriloquism


[by Woorim Ahn] Black Pink will appear in ‘Radio Star’.

On the upcoming episode of MBC ‘Radio Star’, BewhY, Jisoo, Rosé (Black Pink), Dindin and Zizo will show up.

During filming the episode, Jisoo and Rosé disclosed their talents and caught the fans’ attention. Jisoo said, “Just in case of kidnapping” and showed ventriloquism. They closed their mouth and showed the ventriloquism and the 4MCs got surprised.

Moreover, Jisoo also disclosed an episode that she got a casting offer from SM manager. At that time, she was a trainee of YG Entertainment and she had to reject. Dindin also revealed that he got an offer from SM.

Meanwhile, ‘Radio Star’ with Jisoo and Rosé will air on January 11. (photo by MBC)