Black only in the Winter? Don’t Mention it! 3 Female Stars who have Overcome the Heat!

[by Kim Min Soo] Black, the color symbolic of ‘cool’ is a style loved by female stars regardless of the hot summer. Compared to use only in the winter or autumn, black is being used in various ways this season, letting the fashion world and stars feel its charm.
Especially because black that is shown at official events gives off a classy and elegant feeling, finishing off a powerful style. This is because coordinating in black like this isn’t awkward and exudes a chic atmosphere as black is a color that has power.
Let’s get into the charm of black fashion regardless of the season through actresses Go Joon Hee, Kim Jiwon, and Suzy who recently appeared at official events and the airport.
Go Joon Hee, ‘The Epitome of Chic’
Catching attention through her two-block bobbed hair, actress Go Joon Hee arrived at the film premiere of ‘Battleship Island’, showing off her usual strong charisma. She presented the up most chicness with just a black blouse and denim pants. With the skinny jeans line she showed off her slender legs and boasted of her superior body.
[Editor Pick] If you want to give off an atmosphere that is chic and dizzying, how about exposing your shoulders? This makes women appear captivating and because black covers the body type, even those who have no confidence in coordinating can do this.
Kim Jiwon, ‘Classy’
Actress Kim Jiwon who played the role of the female protagonist in the recently ended drama ‘Fight For My Way.  Appearing at an official event, she took to the stage with classy styling that is completely different from her wild and easygoing image in the drama.
Exuding a beauty that doesn’t change, she finished an all black look without non-necessities, becoming the desired style that women would want to follow at least once.
[Editor Pick] One of the styles that women want to appear in is the mannish look. If you layer a black blouse, jacket and slacks etc., you can give off a mature and unexpected charm. If you want to appear following this style and regulate your hair and makeup you can present various moods.
Suzy, ‘Airport Look of a Different Level’
Renewing her prime every day with her characteristic purity, Suzy. The recent fashion she showed off at the airport in order to attend an overseas schedule recently has become a topic of discussion. At that time she disregarded the heat wave, appearing in an all black suit look, finishing off her airport fashion that forgot the heat. In addition, she didn’t forget to give off a feminine and refined feeling.
[Editor Pick] If you enjoy trendy and fashionable styles, we recommend wide slacks. Especially let’s finish it off with a white inner item. You can appear with an unbeatable fashion of a cool fashionista like Suzy. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)