‘Black Knight’ Kim Rae Won & Shin Se Kyung spotted in Slovenia! [Black Knight]


Stills of the upcoming drama ‘Black Knight – The man who guard me’ were released.

In the photo, Shin Se Kyung is waiting for someone in a wine trench coat with the old Slovenian castle in the background. Shin Se Kyung plays Jeong Haera, an employee of a travel agency. When her work, family and relationship with her boyfriend all become a mess, she reaches the bottom of her life. However, she still maintains her optimistic and cheerful attitude.

The staff said, “Shin Se Kyung will portray a unique character that is different from her previous roles. Please look forward to her mature performance.”

Kim Rae Won was also spotted in the beautiful landscape of Slovenia. He is carrying a camera with him. He will play Moon Suho, a young CEO who is strict to himself and never shows his true colors. But when he is in love, he is a pure romanticist.

‘Black Knight – The man who guard me’ tells a story of a man with an innocent idea of love who embraces a dangerous fate for a woman he loves.

‘Black Knight’ will premiere following the end of ‘Mad Dog.’