Billboard highlights KARD’s debut track ‘HOLA HOLA’!


On July 20th, Billboard published on its homepage an article titled “Co-Ed K-Pop Group KARD Drops Summery ‘Hola Hola.'”

Billboard attributed the quality of the track to each members skills: “Somin’s melodic vocals, with propulsive raps courtesy of J.SephB.M, and Jiwoo propelling the song to the soaring refrain of the chorus.”

Billboard also showed surprise at KARD’s atypical promotions like having a global tour before its official debut.

The music video of KARD’s debut track ‘Hola Hola’ has reached 4 million views on YouTube on the first day of its release, and it topped the music charts in 32 countries world-wide.

It’s not easy for Co-Ed groups to gain popularity in the midst of flood of idol groups. Way to go, KARD!

[Image Source: DSP Media]