Big Bang Seungri to Star in Japanese Movie


[by Bae Jung Yun] Big Bang Seungri will make his debut as a movie actor in Japan.

He will appear in the Japanese movie ‘HiGH&LOW THE MOVIE’ that screens on July 16 in Japan. His role in the movie is Lee, who is a son of Korean mob, boss Jang Baek Ryung. Lee is sneaky and cold-blooded character, which is very different from Seungri’s bright and cheerful image.

Moreover, he will make an enthusiastic performance by appearing in the NTV’s new drama ‘HiGH&LOW Season 2’ that airs on April 23 in Japan. It is his appearance in the Japanese drama after three years since his previous drama ‘Kim Jun Il Boy Crime Department Hong Kong Kao Long Murder Case (literal translation)’ that aired on NTV, Japan in 2013.

‘HiGH&LOW’ is a big project that develops with various contents such as drama, movie, comic book and original album. The story is about a fight between ‘Sanwang Alliance’, ‘White Rascals’, ‘Oya High School’, ‘RUDE BOYS’ and ‘Dharma Family’ takes place in earth of S.W.O.R.D in order to keep their pride. Particularly, popular Japanese boy group EXILE and other superstars are starring in the film.

Seungri made a remark of his appearance in the movie. He said, “I am very excited to appear in the movie with EXILE members. I was worried when I had my first filming of the movie, but it helped me a lot because I am acting a character that I have never played before. It was very fun and I think it was a great opportunity for me to grow up with my acting.”

Meanwhile, Big Bang will hold its fan club event for 27 times in four different cities of Japan. The first event will be held at Kobe World Memorial Hall on April 22. Also, it will meet its domestic fans by holding the 10th anniversary debut celebration concert in the upcoming summer. (photo by YG Entertainment)