Become a Beautiful ‘Spring Bride’ with Wedding Care


[by Jung Ah Young] Kim Tae Hee, Park Ha Sun and many other stars that became hot issues for their recent marriage announcement. They are always beautiful, but they look exquisite with the forever companion by their side.

On that special day, there are so many things to prepare to complete the gorgeous wedding dress form. What kinds of wedding care are out there for the prospective brides, who are about to restart their lives?

Top Dress- Decollete Line & Upper Arm Care

One of the most popular wedding dress among brides, it shows off the bride’s shoulders to the upper arms to give slimming effect and it never goes out of style so you can style it very elegantly.

However, if you do not care for your upper arms, it will hard to pull off the top dress. So if you want to look like a goddess while wearing the top dress, first thing to do is to make slim arms without flabby skins. Also make sure massage the décolleté area, from your neck, Trapezius muscles to the shoulders, to create a smooth line. It will create a perfect top dress fit.

Mermaid Dress- Abdominal, Waist, Thigh Line Care

A Mermaid line dress emphasizes a slender waist and pelvic line to create elegant mermaid like feminine curves. They are alluring and beautiful but most women stay away due to the form fitting lines.

If you want to challenge the Mermaid line dress, tight abdominal muscles and the lines connecting the waist and thigh are very important. We suggest giving yourself enough time for wedding care. Make sure to exercise regularly to tighten your abdominal muscles and use controlled diet and home training like squats to create tight and healthy thighs.

Recommended items for successful wedding care

As an item for successful wedding care, we offer LeBody Form which is easy at home for muscle strengthening, body fat and cellulite care.

LeBody Form is a device that controls muscle contraction and relaxation by using medium frequency current which does not feel uncomfortable to strengthen muscles and smoothes blood circulation. You can use it on any areas you are worried. Apply massage cream to the area you want, press the power button and adjust the intensity for simple use. (photo by LeBody Form, bntnews DB)