[beauty] If you want lips like Kang Min-kyung’s-use ‘Jellousy Lipstick’ by ENPRANI



[beauty] If you want lips like Kang Min-kyungs-use Jellousy Lipstick by ENPRANI 

Cosmetics brand ENPRANI launched 8 new lipsticks called ‘Jellousy Lipstick’(3.5g/18,000won), which are highly pigmented and easily blended on lips.

The ‘Jellousy Lipstick’ was produced as a combination of transparent oil balm and color lipstick for the first time in Korea. It provides crease-free, smooth texture just like lip balm, along with vivid pigmentation. ENPRANI has introduced its new concept of technology. It has produced ‘Jellousy Lipsticks’ handmade by pouring transparent oil balm first into the lipstick frame and then filling water drop-shaped, cream-textured lipstick in the middle after solidification of the oil balm.

ENPRANI’s new ‘Jellousy Lipsticks’ are available on ENPRANI’s official website along with offline cosmetics stores nationwide.

GET IT K Veronica Choi, Photography by ENPRANI