Beauty Checklist for Caring Before Spring Outing by KICHO


[by Yoon Ji Hye] The spring season is filled with plenty of sunshine and flowers. If the cold weather forced you have indoor dates, now is the time to go out and explore the beautiful scenic places.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful spring day more beautifully, this is for you. We introduce a checklist to take before spring outing.

>> Preparing for the spring outing, why is it so important?

Spring is the season when the world becomes beautiful with warm weather and blooming flowers. It is also a perfect time to visit different places to make memories so people spend a lot of time outdoors.

However, it is necessary to prepare as thoroughly as going out. In recent years, dust, harmful substances such as dust and various kinds of polarity is the cause. Therefore, thorough preparation is required for skin health as well as respiratory health.

>> Spring Outing Checklist
CHECK 01 Moisture Cream for hydrated skin

The first is a moisture cream for hydrated skin. Spring is not as low in humidity as winter, but if you don’t manage it correctly, it can dry out from the inside. Carry around an appropriate amount of moisturizing cream in an empty case and apply lightly on the dry area. If you are wearing makeup, wipe the dry areas clean with cotton swabs or tissues, then apply the cream and fix your makeup with a cushion product.

KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM 8 kinds of berry are added to lanolin ingredient extracted from young fleece to create a moisture barrier without skin irritation or stickiness.

CHECK 02 Shields from bright spring sun, sunscreen

Warm spring sunshine is always welcomed, but you must be cautious because the UV rays are relatively strong compared to winter. Everyone now knows the danger of UV rays. Make sure to apply a fresh, non-sticky sunscreen thoroughly 3 hours before you head out the door.

KICHO Ultra Moisturizing Suncream is a mild sunscreen made with plant-derived embryo extracts from germinated soybeans protects skin health that is gentle, moisturizing without stickiness, of a white cast.

CHECK 03 CC cushion for perfect appearance at all times

As time goes by, makeup is ruined by oil from our own skin. Also, due to the dry weather, it is easy for your skin to get dry from the inside. Therefore, it is good to carry around a portable moisturizing CC cushion and fix your makeup. If the base makeup is ruined too much, gently wipe away with a tissue and apply the CC cushion one more time to create a perfect skin like the first time.

KICHO AROHA GLOW CC CUSHION provides a clear and bright skin all day with its excellent durability and coverage. The deep sea water, rosacea, Shea butter and black ginseng extract are added to the finest New Zealand lanolin refined in Germany to create a CC cushion that makes your skin moist and healthy. (photo by KICHO, bntnews DB)