‘Beauty and the Beast’ Drops the Main Poster and Final Trailer


[by Woorim Ahn] ‘Beauty and the Beast’ disclosed its poster and trailer.

On February 1, film distribution company Walt Disney Korea revealed the main poster and final trailer of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ before its premiere in March.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a fantasy musical that the beast that was once a prince (Dan Stevens) gets to fall in true love with Bell (Emma Watson). It becomes a hot issue as it reenacted the animation released in 1991.

In the main poster, it announced to tell a magic-like story as it depicted the beast and Bell at the ball, which is the most symbolic scene of the film. Particularly, Bell with yellow dress and the beast with blue suit exactly copied from the original animation.

Moreover, the final trailer caught the audiences’ attention with perfect visual. Various object characters were copied perfectly from the origin piece, so it aroused global fans’ curiosity.

Meanwhile, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ will premiere in Korea on March 16. (photo by Walt Disney Korea)

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