‘Battle Trip’ Bucket List: Key vs. Rowoon vs. Youngji vs. Nam Changhee vs. Han Dagam


The theme of this week’s ‘Battle Trip’ is a must-do bucket list. SHINee‘s Key, comedian NamChanghee, actress Han Dagam, Youngji, and SF9‘s Rowoon travel alone to Gyeongju, Paris, Chiang Mai, Hawaii, and Kathmandu.

The no.5 bucket list item selected by the staff is Key‘s trip to Gyeongju, the historical city of Korea. Key experiences pounding rice to make rice cake and making barely bread. He says the handmade injeolmi and barley bread taste amazing. He recommends the trip to Gyeongju saying, “It’s very meaningful to give handmade presents to your friends.”

No.4 on the list is Han Dagam‘s trip to Chiang Mai. The actress reminisces about her old days as a diet evangelist and tries out yoga for the first time in 10 years. Then she makes a scarf with natural dye.

No.3 is Paris. Nam Changhee enjoys the retro tour, which is going around the city on a motorcycle. At night, he enjoys outdoor ice skating at Grand Palais, which turns into a skating rink only during the winter.

Next up is Hawaii, the heaven of leisure activities. Youngji tries out dolphin snorkeling for the first thing in the morning. She gets excited to meet sea turtle and dolphin. After that, she enjoys the beautiful sky of Hawaii while skydiving.

The no.1 bucket list is Nepal. Rowoon rides a boat at Phewa Lake. The snow-covered mountain reflected on the lake’s surface is a picturesque sight.

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