BADKIZ Somin Collaborates With BIGFLO Hightop


[by Ent Team] BADKIZ member Somin is releasing a collaboration album with BIGFLO Hightop.

ZOO Entertainment, BADKIZ’s agency stated, ‘’Somin and BIGFLO Hightop will release a collaboration song entitled BLUE on June 5.’’

BLUE is a mix of soul music and blues and tells the sadness two lovers who drift apart feel. Especially the guitar and base sound that add a dramatic mood to the track. Somin’s soulful voice and Hightop’s medium tone rapping meet for an exquisite harmony.

A representative said, ‘’When you see the word ‘blue’ you think of the color but this song doesn’t refer to the chromatic definition of the term but to sadness. The loneliness that appears after a farewell.’’

Meanwhile, Somin’s group BADKIZ debuted in 2014. (photo by ZOO Entertainment)