B1A4 Jinyoung & Park Bogum secretly went to Namsan Tower together.


During a recent interview, Jinyoung of B1A4 gave an update on his friendship with the cast of ‘Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.’

He said, “Dongyeon is in a new drama right now. I didn’t watch drama for a while, but thanks to Dongyeon, I’m enjoying his drama.”

He continued, “I still keep in touch with Bogum time to time. We haven’t seen each other for a  while due to our busy schedules. I recently talked to him to meet up soon.”

Apparently, the cast made a surprise visit to B1A4’s practice room once. Jinyoung shared the story: “YoojungBogum, and Dongyeon came one night with energy drinks. I was so touched that I wanted to buy them something to eat, but it was too late, so we ended up eating hamburgers at a convenience store.”

He also shared a funny episode. He said, “BogumDongyeon and I secretly went to the Namsan Tower. It was dark, and we wore masks, so no one recognized us. We even took a sticker photo together. It was fun. If I get the chance, I’m thinking of posting that photo on my SNS. It’s just too cute, haha.”

[Image source: Jinyoung Instagram, Gwak Dongyeon Instagram]