Autumn One Piece Styling Recommendations For Wom


[by Kim Min Soo/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] The fairly cold weather and mid-autumn festival remind us the arrival of autumn that is the most splendid season amongst the four.

As time passes, autumn turns red, leaving a delicate and strong impression. Following the change of seasons, our clothes should also become more fancy and dignified. The item that is simple, yet helps present diverse styles is a one piece.

One piece can give different feelings depends on styling. One piece fashion that fits autumn will be suggested through looking into the styles of celebrities.

# Kim Min Hee

Actress Kim Min Hee has varied charms as she shows a lively and fresh image when smiling, while a chic and elegant one in other times.

She was as pretty as usual on this day. Her white one piece with a special pattern captured people’s attention. Also, her conspicuous body line and black strap heels accentuated her sexiness.

Editor’s Pick – If you don’t feel comfortable with high fashion, how about trying polka dotted dress? It can also be worn daily to help you receive love from your lovers. Autumn one piece style can be completed by matching it with comfortable sneakers.

# Park Han Byul

Actress Park Han Byul shows her antiseptic beauty, of which her appearance remains intact after debuting and her great skin has evoked envy from many women.

The actress showed her matured and stunning appearance with a black and white look. She flaunted her autumn fashion with a one piece and black long boots. Her black mini shoulder bag gave her a sense of chicness.

Editor’s Pick – If you want to present a feminine image, try matching a slim-fit long one piece with denim jackets. In addition, ribbon shoes can help complete a stylish and simple outfit.

# Son Tae Young

Actresses Son Tae Young, the wife of actor Kwon Sang Woo, who is well-known for his great body, has a shining appearance that makes it difficult to believe that she is a mother of a son.

Pretty Son Tae Young wore a graceful dress with a big smile. She presented a perfectly flawless fall outfit and highlighted her style with her black mini shoulder bag and black heels.

Editor’s Pick – If you want to emphasize your appeal, let’s try out trendy burgundy items. In particular, matching a slim-fit mini one piece with a black shoulder bag helps pull off a classy image.

(photo by: Stylenanda, bntnews DB)