Apink Discloses the First Teaser of Its Special Album


[by Woorim Ahn] Apink will come back with a special album.

On December 5 at midnight, the group disclosed its first teaser image of special album ‘Dear’ through its official fan community and SNS.

In the photo, the members had on denim pants and white socks and caught the fans’ attention with beautiful legs. Particularly, it aroused the fans’ curiosity for the album concept and the lights made romantic mood.

‘Dear’ contains Apink’s honest stories of its music. Especially, the album is delivering the members’ sincere hearts for fans that kept sending love for six years, so it will be a special present for fans.

Along with the album release, the group will hold end-year concert ‘PINK PARTY: The Secret Invitation’ at Jangchoong Gymnasium in Seoul on December 17-18.

Meanwhile, Apink’s ‘Dear’ will be released on December 15 at midnight. (photo by Plan A Entertainment)

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