Analyzing the Style of Song Hye Kyo-Gianna Jun-Song Ji Hyo, the Actresses that Captured the Hearts of Chinese Fans


[by Song Eun Ji /translated by Kim Young Shin] Korean celebrities’ popularity in Asian nations is rising high these days that it is not an exaggeration to call it the second Korean Wave.

At the center of the Hallyu trend is the celebrities who appear in dramas and entertainment shows. Gianna Jun from ‘My Love from the Star’, Song Hye Kyo from ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and Song Ji Hyo from entertainment show ‘Running Man’ are the representative actresses who attracted international viewers. From fashion and beauty styles to little details, they create issues wherever they go.

The biggest interest is on their fashion and beauty style. Here is the analysis on the style of three prominent actresses that captivated the eyes of Chinese viewers: Gianna Jun, Song Hye Kyo and Song Ji Hyo.

PART 1. Analyzing Actresses’ Fashion

Gianna Jun and Song Hye Kyo’s fashion can be defined in one word: neat. They present themselves in neat clothes that make them look feminine and pure. It is noticeable that they are almost always dressed in either a dress or a skirt.

On the other hand, Song Ji Hyo showed up in various styles compared to the former two actresses. Her fashion had broad spectrum from formal and feminine dress to casual hot pants.

PART 2. Analyzing Actresses’ Makeup

Although the three actresses have different fashion styles, their all wore similar makeups. Their makeup can be characterized as natural.

There flawless faces are also bright and clear. Combined with light eye makeup and lively lip makeup, their natural makeup looks effortless.

TIP. Copying Actresses’ Makeup at Home

>> Here are the tips from Korean cosmetic brand too cool for school for those who want to wear makeup like actresses at home without the help of makeup artist.

Anyone can wear actresses’ natural makeup at home if they learn few important points. First, lightly cover your face with aqua serum cover BB which provides moist and glowing coverage that also acts as a skin care product. If there are blemishes that are still visible, cover them up with a concealer. Use a sheer blusher to slightly enhance your complexion.

Lightly apply highlighter to parts of your face to make your facial features stand out. This also brightens the general look. In order to ensure that your highlight leaves natural glow, use the product that comes in multiple colors so you can mix them for the best result.

The eye makeup should not look heavy. Tightline your eyes as thinly as possible. Rather than defining your eyes with bold eye lines, volumized your eye lashes.

The last step is to vitalize the look with lip color. Coating a transparent lip gloss over lipstick is a good choice. However, you can finish it at once using a glossy lip stain. Choose the best color for your style and apply glossy lip stain from the center to make natural gradation.

Items from too cool for school that Will Make You as Pretty as Actresses

01 DINOPLATZ LA OLA is a multi-palette that includes aqua serum cover BB. Its formula contains aqua serum pocket that pops once it reaches the skin and forms strong moisture barrier. It also comes with brightener, concealer and blush, which are necessary items for perfect base makeup.

02 Art Class By Rodin Highlighter is a highlighter that comes in three pearlescent colors which blends to make natural skin tone. Its micro shimmering powder stays on the face intact. Its smooth finish leaves natural radiance on the skin.

03 Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara has a bendable brush controlled by a dial. Its all-in-one formula curls, lengthens, volumizes and sets lashes. The soft tail-shaped brush reaches the corner of the eyes to coat every strand of your eye lashes. It defines eyes even without eyeliner.

04 CHECK GLOSSY BLASTER TINT is a multi-functional lip stain made from too cool for school’s signature recipe: 30 percent water and 70 percent oil. Its vivid and long-lasting color leaves moist finish. There are new colors recently launched for spring season. The lip product is the combination of advantages from lip gloss, lipstick and lip stain as its formula is glossy and high-pigmented.

(photo by too cool for school, bntnews DB)