All about Baby Skin Care from Skin Care to Base Makeup

[By Yun Ji-hye] There are still lots of interest in baby skin care. Such a tight baby skin looking like in 20s upgrades women’s beautiful appearance more.
If you like to have baby skin, you should pay attention to this. It is all about baby skin care to look younger and prettier from skin care to base makeup.
POINT 01 Perfect Cleansing
The clean skin with no trouble or blemish would be the most important thing. If you want to have skin without trouble, it is essential to have a perfect cleaning. First, remove the makeup residue by using cleansing oil or water.
After that, it is good to use cleansing foam for the second cleansing. If you wipe your skin with a cotton pad soaked with cleansing water, you can complete the perfect and clean cleansing.
POINT 02 Filling Skin with Moisture
After cleansing, you should immediately fill your skin with moisture. As the skin is aging, the cell activities slow down, pores get widened, and skin starts getting dry. As dry skin decreases skin elasticity, it is important to fully moisturize skin.
Regarding the moisturizing cream, it is great to use a product containing pure ingredients with no irritation to skin. You should use a product that could add moisture to skin with no stickiness. Also, the product with light finish should be used to prevent heavy-looking makeup.
POINT 03 Sun Cream is not Optional, but Essential.
Every woman might know the importance of sunblock. Sometimes, the sun cream is skipped because the base products contain the function of sunblock. However, the sun cream should be applied separately to fully block UV rays.
UV rays darkening the melanin of skin cause all sorts of blemishes, and in worse cases, generate skin cancers. Therefore, before going out, the sun cream should be carefully applied to the exposed parts.
01 KICHO WATER RECIPE CLEANSING WATER: Moist cleansing water containing deep sea water and seaweed extract to easily remove skin waste with no irritation
02 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM: Functional moisturizing cream for the complex care of moisturizing, whitening, and anti-aging with no irritation owing to its natural lanolin ingredient extracted from lambs’ hair and eight berries ingredient
03 KICHO Ultra Moisturizing Suncream(SPF50+/PA+++): As a light & moist daily sun cream without white cast or stickiness, its vegetable gemmule ingredient extracted from germinated beans protects skin health, which could be used even before makeup.
04 KICHO AROHA GLOW CC CUSHION(SPF50+/PA+++): CC cushion for moist skin, containing the finest New Zealand lanolin refined in Germany and also deep sea water for its excellent sustaining power and covering effect to maintain clean & bright skin all day long
(Photo by: KICHO. bntnews DB)