Actress Park Shin-hye does a jewelry photo shoot


Actress Park Shin-hye released her first photo shoot of 2016, in which she radiance elegance and beauty.

French jewelry brand Agatha Paris has released the jewelry based photo shoot. In the released photo set Park shin-hye has sparkling eyes, and a doll like expression, and hand posing which draws attention to the beatiful woman.

Park Shin-hye is wearing a flower embroidered blouse and a matching jean vest and pant set. In the photos the Agatha Scottie jewelry adds to the elegance of the photos.

. Park Shin-hye’s natural pose and style evoke feelings of a french influence.

An Agatha spokesperson said “During this photo shoot Park Shin-hye really understood our brand philosphies, which results in her being a better match with the jewelry and improving the results of the shoot. In the photo shoot Park Shin-hye is wearing the Scottie Collection as well as the 14K Gold Collection, Family Collection, and Gold Pave Collection all designed by Scottie Line”

Park Shin-hye has recently finished a major movie production. In it Shin-hye plays Soo-hyun, a woman who gives Doo-young played by Do Kyung-soo, a second shot at life. Park Shin-hye is the only woman staring in the movie, where she helps the promising and bright judo coach Du-sick played by Jo Jung-suk and Doo-young with her bright energy.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Salt Entertainment

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