Actor Lee Kwang-soo undergoes a shocking transformation into loan shark in the drama Pock!



Lee Kwang-soo

Actor Lee Kwang-soo displaying three different outfits while playing the same character.

On December 29th, talent agency King King Entertainment said that Lee Kwang-soo would be appearing on SBS’s new special drama Pock!. Pock! stars Lee Kwang-soo and is written by Yoon Hyun-ho. The talent agency also released some photos of Lee Kwang-soo during the shooting, along with the announcement.

In the first of the released photos, Lee Kwang-soo has some injuries on his face and is looking off into the distance. He gives off an unconventional vibe with his black fall coat, and Pompadour hairstyle. Lee Kwang-soo’s face looks dark and brooding, giving off a cold hearted vibe, arousing curiosity among viewers.

In other pictures Lee Kwang-soo is dressed as an intense hockey player. He is wearing a red uniform while playing an intense game of hockey on the rink. In the third pair of photos, Lee Kwang-soo can be seen wearing a jean jacket, paired with a cute hair style, giving off a pretty boy image. In the photo you can see him looking strong and showing off another side of his charm.

In the drama Lee Kwang-soo is working for a crime lord in the loan shark business. He has to do this to pay off his wife’s debts, who went into hiding. Lee kwang-soo takes on the role of Jo Joon-man in the challenging role. Even as he gets a reputation for being merciless and barbaric, he has a soft heart and is a kind man under his intense resentment.

Following his work on the drama It’s Okay, That’s Love, Lee Kwang-soo will be returning to the small screen in SBS’s new year drama special Pock! He has also been receiving favorably reviews both domestically and internationally for his work in the movies Confession and Collective Invention. People are interested to see what sort of acting firepower he brings to his role in Pock!

The new SBS drama special Pock! is begin broadcasting with both episodes one and two starting on January 1st at 8:30pm.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by King Kong Entertainment

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