4 Fashion Ideas from ‘Radio Romance’ / Olia Pylypenko


To me, spring is the season of changes and new beginnings. So why not freshen up your style with these 4 ideas borrowed from “Radio Romance”? While watching the drama, I did not only enjoy the storyline and the acting but also admired each character’s style. Time went by, and I have realized that I have been subconsciously following the fashion presented in the series! Let us dive into the ideas:

Really, do it! During the winter, if you come from a cold country like I do, all you care about is how to keep yourself warm; also, for some reason the color line of the clothes is usually on the darker side. Now that the sun is out, do not be afraid of shining bright! Take out your colorful jackets, blazers, tops, and show the world that nothing, and nobody shines brighter than you do.

This has been a trend for quite some time now, however, it was represented the best, in “Radio Romance”. I particularly adore this style for how easily both women and men can pull it off. Most importantly, you do not even need to worry about the colors or patterns! Just make sure that you wear a one-tone turtleneck, but then any shirt will work on top of it J

The first rule of wearing fake glasses – do not tell anybody they are fake. Glasses are underrated by most, but they sure are a style changer when it comes to fashion. I have two different pairs, and each cost me around 3-4 Euros; despite the fact that they are cheap, they change the way I look drastically, and I get complimented A LOT! Go to an accessories store or to any clothes shop, and try on different styles until you find the ones that feel the most right and look the most gucci on you. If you are wearing glasses on a daily basis – congrats, you are already stylish! 😉

I hope you have had fun reading this post because I sure did have fun while writing it. Go through your closet, and try to create your own “Radio Romance”-inspired outfits ^^

Always yours,